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Hypospadias Surgery...
Hypospadias may be a common anomaly of the erectile organ wherever the canal (the tube that carries piddle from the bladder to outside of the body) isn't at the tip of the erectile organ. It are often settled anyplace on the face of the erectile organ to the pouch.

A condition referred to as chordee is commonly seen with abnormal condition. Chordee is associate degree abnormal downward curve of the erectile organ. this could occur with or while not a abnormal condition.
Classification of hypospadias is done by the position of the urethral opening. The types of hypospadias include:
  • Distal or glanular: most common form when opening is found near the head of the penis
  • Midshaft: when opening is found in the middle to the lower shaft of the penis
  • Penoscrotal: when opening is on the scrotum
  • Perineal: when opening is behind the scrotal sac. These are the most severe forms of hypospadias.
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