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Congenital Defects...
Birth defect' may be a wide term that encompasses completely different styles of conditions and physical anomalies recognizable at birth. Majority of those defects occur once the baby is growing throughout gestation. The defects will at-times even make to mental and physical disabilities. Babies with birth defects invariably need surgery or targeted medical treatments.
What are Different Types of Birth Defects?
There are many types of birth defects; most common of these include:
Cleft Lip and Palate
This is the most common type of birth defect that results in facial and oral malformations in an infant. It is due to insufficient amount of tissue in the lip or mouth area due to which the tissues do not join together properly and a cleft or gap is formed.

Cleft lip is a separation of two sides of upper lip and appears as a narrow opening or gap in the skin of the upper lip. The separation may extend beyond the base of the nose including the bones of upper gum and upper jaw. Cleft palate is also referred to as a split in the roof of the mouth involving the hard palate and/or soft palate.
What are the problems caused by cleft lip and palate?
It may lead to eating problems, ear infections, hearing loss, speech problems, and dental problems.
Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery
The treatment of congenital anomaly and surface is finished through congenital anomaly and surface surgery. In some cases the patient could need multiple surgeries relying upon the intensity of the matter. Most of the kids WHO square measure stricken by the abnormality square measure able to win traditional perform of speech, appearance, and ingestion once the congenital anomaly and surface surgery.
Defects of the Ears
Defects of the ear relate to the congenital deformities of ear consisting of unusual ear formation or even an absent ear. Most common defects include constricted ear, macrotic ear, cryptotic ear, Stahl's ear deformity etc. The abnormal structure of the ears can most times interfere with the functionality as well as the appearance of the ears, leading to strange and somewhat comic looks.
Ear defect surgery
If ugly or protrusive ears square measure bothering your kid, ear defect surgery will facilitate improve the form and proportion of the ears. The surgery will correct a defect within the ear structure which can have occurred at the time of birth or owing to AN injury/accident. This surgery will specifically treat excessively massive ears, protrusive ears, and ears that don't have regular form. The procedure is individual specific and is mostly performed once a baby is 5+ years mature, once the gristle is additional stable for correction.
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